Lobden Golf Club
Lobden Moor
OL12 8XJ
Tel: 01706 343228
Lobden Golf Club


  Founded 17th May 1888

Photo Gallery

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Lobden 2018    
Prize Presentation December 2017    
Lobden 2017    
Prize Presentation December 2016
Lobden 2016  
Prize Presentation December 2015    
Lobden 2015 Lobden Winter 2014 / 2015
Prize Presentation December 2014
Lobden 2014 Lady Captains Day 2014    
Winter 2013-14 Captains Final 2013    
Lobden 2013 Winter 2012-13
Captains Final 2012 Steve's 72 Hole Challenge 01-07-2012    
Lobden Ladies 2012 Winter 2011-12    
Prize Presentation December 2011
Prizes 2011 Prizes 2011    
Drive-In 2011  Captains Trip 2011      
Lobden Juniors      
Lobden Junior Gallery

Members and interested people who wish to share their own photographic memories of Lobden or the local surrounding area that has a related past to the course and its members, please email the digitized copies* to the club and these may be posted here at a later date.






Important Notice - All pictures are used with full permission.   In sending these images to the club you fully agree that Lobden Golf Club may reproduce said images or material for use in its web site and not limited to, future promotional material.  You acknowledge that any and all liability without exception arising from and not limited to, misrepresentation, images, ownership or persons, of said material sent to Lobden Golf Club, is accepted by yourself (the sender).   
Hard copy material sent to the club cannot be directly posted back unless prior arrangements have been made, though these may be collected from the clubhouse subject to opening hours. Please contact the secretary for further information.        

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